Janet is a PostDoc Researcher at TU/e, Industrial Design on December, 2018. Previously, She completed my PhD in National Taiwan University on June, 2018. My PhD dissertation focuses on designing intelligent systems that support people to accomplish creative tasks like writing or design. During July-Oct, 2018, She worked with Juho Kim at the KIXLab, KAIST, exploring how to combining reflection and practice to enhance video learning for creative tasks, such as writing and design.

My research interest focuses on human computer interaction, crowdsourcing and social computing. Currently I work on designing crowd-powered systems that combines the power of machine and crowd for supporting novices to accomplish the tasks that are too hard for machine or a single expert. Inspired by learning science, I designed several scaffolding mechanisms to guide the crowd to produce high-quality results. The ideas had been applied on the domains of user interface interpretation, physical sensing, and complex creative tasks solving.